OA Fragrant Candle Refills

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Commercial Fragrances

Each candle refill is made to order. Upon receipt of your used vessel, we will refill your candle and notify you once it is ready to be shipped back to you. This service supports our zero-waste efforts, all while saving you money. Send us your empty candle pottery, tin containers, or jars that you purchased from us or anywhere else, and we'll pour some new love back into it.

Detailed Instructions

1. Select the candle size and fragrance you desire for each candle

2. Local drop-off isn't available at this time. Subscribe at checkout to receive shipping directions by email.

3. Ensure to pack and wrap your vessel correctly to avoid the arrival of a damaged or broken vessel  

4. Please include your order number within your shipping box and send your used candle vessel to our studio address.

5. Now, you can enjoy another luxury lit moment at a fraction of the cost of a new candle.


Oji Amorè Candle Refill Fee Covers

  • The cleaning and prep of your candle jar
  • Replacement of your old wick with our USA-grown wood wicks 
  • Hand-pour blend of our non-toxic, vegan & cruelty-free candle wax
  • Our signature blended clean fragrances of choice or any of our other scents