What is Oji Amorè Return and Exchange Policy?

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What Type of Candle and Melt Wax is Used? 

Our candles and wax melts are made using natural soy, apricot, and coconut waxes.

What Makes Your Scents Different?

Our melts and candles are multi-dimensional in fragrance, offering a layered, luxury and sophisticated scent journey. We use scents that are clean and phthalate-free. 

What Makes Oji Candles Special?

Our candles are made by hand of very specific materials. They are developed carefully with a lot of raw elements to deliver a non-toxic product.

The work is done manually, by hand we place each wick and align it to ensure proper burning and production can only be done in small batches — hence, our prices reflect the attention to detail, time and labor that goes into each hand poured candle.

The process of creating our candles requires a lot of testing to ensure the wax, wick, and oil strength compliment each other to create the best aromatic experience offered by a natural clean candle. 

What Type of Wicks are Used in Oji Amorè Candles?

We offer candles with wood wicks. Their superior performance results in a cleaner burn and stronger scent throw that is long-lasting compared to traditional wicks when properly trimmed and cared for. When it comes to ambiance, wood wicks are unmatched, providing a crackling campfire-like experience and a warm, enchanting glow.

My wood wick flame becomes weak after burning for several hours, is this normal? 

When this happens it’s an indication that you need to trim your wick with our wick scissors or break off the burnt wood after the candle has cooled.