• Lifestyle shot of Oji Amorè candles at night
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  • Sunset on a beach with beautiful green trees
  • Black woman with curly hairs reading Oji Amorè candle care guide

From Our Customers

  • THE BEST CANDLES! My home smells like an expensive hotel. The whole purchase experience is five star. Order yours ASAP!


  • Uumm dude! This candle though???? One of the most annoying things about all candles is the waxy odor that follows the fragrance... and the amount of smoke when you blow them out. THIS CANDLE exhibits NEITHER of those characteristics!! I am like whoa


  • "Oji Amorè candles are divine! Cheap candles trigger my asthma and allergies and come in ugly vessels, Yup I said it LOL"


  • So enjoying these heavenly scents and can we talk about the packaging!!


  • "My Oji Amorè candle is like a sensory vacation"


  • "I have never experienced a wood wick candle. The crackling sound feels like I'm enjoying a beautiful campfire"

    Amy G.

  • " I love the variety and to see they offer 100% soy and coconut-based candles too."

    Jamel S.

  • These scents transport me to somewhere magical. Like I legit want to smell like these candles all day


  • OMG I love love love everything Oji Amorè you created such an amazing product!


  • Scent, design, packaging 10/10 stop playing... Oji Amorè is the truth


  • Ending my night with Samana Nights and my whole room smells Devine


  • OMG this is the most beautiful packaging and it makes my whole house smell so good!


  • Thank you for my Tunisia Breeze candle which smells like Morocco. It fills my living room with spice and fruit. Thank you for the comforting scents.


  • When I tell you Oji Amorè has a God given gift, they have a God given gift, the luxury of it all.


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  • Black woman with curly hairs reading Oji Amorè candle care guide
  • Oji Amorè candles placed on a shelf
    Oji Amorè candles placed on a shelf
  • Arial view of a beach
  • Oji Amorè candle burning in a black vessel
  • Sunset view of a beach
  • Autumn shot of a forest with sun

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