About Us

We are Audra and David Custodio, the husband-and-wife team behind this iconic and luxurious candle and home goods brand. Oji Amorè was birthed from our love for travel, but more importantly, we saw the need to help people like you connect to the world through your senses.

We offer fragrances that highlight the beauty of diversity from around the world. Our scents' aromatic journey originates from destinations heavily populated by people of color. Hence, the brand name Oji (which means black in Igbo) and Amorè (representing love across Latin America). We want to share our passion for multiculturalism by highlighting people of color through education, specialty products, and goods for your home.

Our goal is to offer products that benefit your life while being kind to the earth, and we have committed to this goal by developing a candle line made sustainably from clean, safe, and non-toxic ingredients. We use natural waxes, clean-burning wood wicks, and infuse a lot of love and history into every product to give you a piece of the best part of your past and gift you an aromatic experience that will awaken your senses and leave you with your most treasurable memories.